How convenient is the public transportation in Istanbul?

How convenient is the public transportation in Istanbul?

This city expands on a really wide area, a lot of districts and neighborhoods, which mad out of it a major city in Turkey. Due to its wide expanding, Istanbul is hosting a population around 20 million residences.

Despite the population density, the city is extremely systematic and civilized. The Turkish government has been consternated on its transportation route, to provide a movement of citizens from one place to another in a fast, affordable, and convenient way through many types of transportation like underground metro, tramway, metro bus, and normal buses. Some of them work 24\7 which made it easy for people to move from a location to another whenever they want with no limitation.

As a consequence, the public transportation network in Istanbul has public-transportation-injuriesimproved for the better over the past few years significantly. The average cost of any public transportation is about 3,50 TL per person per ride. The most important part is by public transportation you can avoid the traffic congestion.

The transportation system of this big city connected each and every part of the city with the other in a clever way, enhanced and civilized the whole city.

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