5 steps to book your holiday to Turkey

5 steps to book your holiday to Turkey

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Firstly, Turkey is a very big country, the first thing you need to decide about your holiday in turkey is which city do you want to visit? And why?

Turkey is one of the countries that fascinates the most, you can find totally different places from a region to another. Where you can find a huge diversity of terrain, from mountains to the sea and many more things between them that’s going to amaze you.

It’s incredible how each city has its own identity when it comes to Turkey no place is like the other. You can find a crowded big city like Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir. You can also find an incredible small quiet city like Trabzon, Yalova, and Bursa. you can enjoy the valleys and the corn shaped rocks in Cappadocia and the list goes on.

Secondly, choosing the season is also a very important factor that can affect your whole destination. Each city in Turkey tells a different story in each season. Nothing is more beautiful than Bursa after a fresh snowfall, where the whole city covered with white. The summertime at Antalya “Turquoise Coast” or Alanya which has a special Mediterranean climate and a lot of resorts. Such a perfect place where all family members from all ages can have so much fun.

Thirdly, deciding the places that you want to visit in each city will save a lot of your time during your vacation. There are many types of activities according to how you want to spend your vacation!

When you are in Turkey visiting the historical places where many of the fairy tales were born is a must. Like Dolmabahce palace and Hagia Sophia and many more historical figures, ancient monuments which you can never get enough of its beauty.

You can also enjoy the malls like Istinye park or Florya or even Mall of Istanbul. There are also beside malls a lot of traditional bazars like the Grand bazar and the Egyptian bazar, the shopping has a whole different perspective where you can find a very good quality with affordable prices all everything is made in Turkey.

Fourthly, for sure you might find some obstacles during your planning to your vacation. The best thing to do is to find a good travel agency that will organize the whole trip for and will save your time and money and will be taking care of the transportation and communication issues.

Fifthly, one more important thing to consider is the hotel and the location of it. Sultanahmet and Taksim have many good opportunities, there are also many well-known and luxurious hotels with very good offers and prices in many different locations.

Planning this trip in advance will defiantly save you time and money. It will also make the best out of each and every single day you will spend in turkey.

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