Team Members

H Osman Soysal 1 (Small)

Civil Engineer, Istanbul Technical University 2004.
Established ANKA invest company at 2012 with his partner Zekeriye Çil.
From 2008 to 2012 joined to Beta Tek Construction as Country Manager at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

H.Osman Soysal

CEO & Co-Founder
Zekeriye Çil 1 (Small)

Civil Engineer, Yildiz Technical University 2004.
Completed Master Degree at Istanbul Technical University 2006.
Established ANKA invest Company at 2012 with his partner H. Osman Soysal.

Zekeriye Çil


Managing Partner
MBBS, Dow Medical College 2002
Master's is Strategic Design & Risk Management, Stanford University 2014
Experienced strategist and entrepreneur with serial successes in the US and Turkey.

Fahad A. Syed

Director, Strategy & Planning

Managing Partner
Electrical Engineering, University of Houston 2003
With over 15 years of experience in team management and marketing with Texas Instruments in Houston, USA

Waqar Mehmood

Director, Investment Management
Hamed Elhamian (Small)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business Administration and Management, Cambridge university class 2010 Established his company at 2002 in Dubai United Arab Emirates. From 2011 to end 2013 joined to GOLDEN GULF as partner.

Hamed Elhamian

Manager, International Sales