What we do!

Our professional competence, your personal confidence

ANKA INVEST started its activities in 2012 as fresh born real estate investment Consultancy Company based on wide range of business knowledge & years of experience in local and international real estate markets, by putting maximum efforts, potentials and consideration even using the latest interactive technologies to keep approaching their clients all over the region in collaboration with a team of dedicated professionals.

ANKA INVEST achieves to build a strong bridge of trust, respect and great reputation through its clients. We have achieved our goals by offering our foreign clients to invest in local markets specially when Turkish government opened the country doors to international investors and gave them the right to have their own properties in Turkey here our main business started since then we are operating our business in Turkey providing our international clients by all the consultancy services & facilities they need to have their best invest & best business revenues in the Turkish real estate markets.

• Always keeping our strong relations with our potentials in front as our priority.
• Increasing our market shares, and clients.
• Expanding horizontally & vertically by having more branches, team members & staff of dedicated professionals and new partners.
• Having more agency agreement with well-known developers globally.
• Growing our database and technology infrastructure.
• Using information technologies more to manage the customer relations in best and effective way.
• Turning ANKA INVEST into a house of international brands in real estate field globally.

ANKA INVEST mission is to provide the best possible returns to their clients with state-of-the-art systems in real estate& investment consultancy services, bringing together global reach alongside local expertise. To this end, ANKA INVEST will be amongst the leading real estate development firms & investment consultancy companies in turkey and the greater region by using proven regional strategies and expertise to further develop the local market and polarize the investors to turkey from all over the region. ANKA INVEST looks forward to expanding its regional and international reach for the best possible returns for its investors


ANKA INVEST aims to be one of the major real estate investment consultancy companies in Turkey & region. Our underlining foundation is to meet the highest expectations of local, regional, and international partners, investors and to enhance the investment & consultancy business in the region with dynamic and inspiring projects.