Is getting a residency in Turkey an easy process?

Is getting a residency in Turkey an easy process?


Residency It has always been a major issue for the investors from different nationalities who wants to purchase a real estate in any country, especially in Turkey.There are some procedures, documents, and clarifications needed to apply. This process takes a lot of time.

When you are buying a property in Turkey you automatically will have the right to apply for a two-year residency. And by paying the full amount in cash or through bank loans you will get your title deed immediately known in Turkey as (Tapu).

This is a very important document for you to apply for your investor residence permit and when you have your title deed along with the other documents which are mentioned bellow in hand you need to apply online to get an appointment from the Ministry of interior Directorate general of migration management and it will give you an appointment day which you need to carry all the documents bellow with you to your nearest immigration office.

Documents Needed:

  1. Appointment form signed
  2. Original Title deed along with 2 copies
  3. Your original passport and notarized copy
  4. Health Insurance for the period you are applying for, people Over 65’s and under 18 are exempt
  5. 4 recent passport size photo
  6. Money, Money, Money, you have to prove that you have enough financial to support you in the country during your stay

While attending your appointment do not worry if there is anything extra they may require you have another 30 days to arrange and submit it.

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