property rights for foreigners.

property rights for foreigners.



Turkey, known for its well-known history is a great combination of vintage and modern, a unique location among two continents, and a bridge between east and west.

In the past few years, the real-estate market in Turkey has been developing and flourishing especially after the Turkish Government allowed foreigners to own properties and to invest in Turkey.The Turkish Government released a law that conserves foreigner’s rights and gave
them many facilities which granted the foreigners a significant opportunity to own and invest in Turkey.

Along with its strategic location, social, and culture life, Istanbul grabbed people’s attention all over the world which made a lot of foreigners want to invest and settle there. Considering that the Turkish Government assigned new laws and regulations to the foreigners, they have been granted a permanent Turkish residency along with an efficient and effective ways of using the banks to deposit money into the bank and transfer their capital.

In conclusion, this would definitely allow investors to own properties and invest more in Turkey.

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