How can I get the Turkish nationality?

How can I get the Turkish nationality?

Turkish government grants foreigners with the Turkish nationality in particular circumstances like marriage, residence, invest and plan to settle in Turkey permanently.

If you lived in Turkey for quite a long while, if you comply with all the conditions you have the right to apply for the Turkish citizenship.

which requires the following qualifications:

  1. Have settled in Turkey for the last five years continuously after you getting the work, study or investment permit. The citizen is allowed to leave Turkey for 180 days’ maximum.
  2. As an applicant you should invest in turkey by owning a property or establish a business.
  3. You will have to proof of your Turkish language skills you should be fluent in Turkish or at least a sufficient level of Turkish.
  4. You should be in a good health without any mental or physical diseases.

Investing and owning a property in turkey will qualify you to get the nationality in an easy way after your five years’ residence permit or working permit.

after you make sure that you are qualified, you need to take all of your documents to the local government office:

– Residence permit

– The original of the passport.

– 4 photographs.

– Confirmation of income

– Birth certificate

– The documents of the identities of the rest of the family like wife and kids.

The Government Office will notify you of the results by email as soon as they decide

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